A Great Local Food Spot In Cincinnati:
Good Plates Eatery

Located in Cincinnati, Good Plates Eatery is a great spot to grab a bite to eat. Its story of growth embodies resilience and community spirit. Founded with a passion for food and a commitment to healthier dining options, this eatery opened just before the pandemic. We are excited to support Good Plates Eatery, from its beginnings to its plans for the future. 

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The Roots of Good Plates Eatery

Good Plates Eatery’s story begins with a deep-seated love for the restaurant industry. The founder had always been passionate about this space and seized the opportunity when it came up. Just four days before the pandemic lockdown, he purchased the location. Despite the challenges, a strong growth was to come throughout the next month and a half. The concept was developed with the local community in mind, focusing on healthier options like quinoa bowls, inspired by his brother’s input. 

The doors finally opened on August 12, 2020. The pandemic undoubtedly influenced the growth trajectory of Good Plates Eatery. Despite the timing, the founder’s vision and resilience kept the business afloat and progressing. Don’t you just love a restaurant owner who truly enjoys their work?

Good Plates Eatery, Owner Picture

Meet the brains behind the operation! Pictured here is one of the owners of Good Plates Eatery, Andrew Schlanser who runs the eatery with his wife, Jamie Schlanser.

The name “Good Plates Eatery” came from a desire to include “eatery” and was creatively coined by the founder’s wife. Furthermore, The initials G and P also represent their twins, Gibson and Posie. The mission behind Good Plates Eatery is to provide delicious, healthier food options to the community.

As of now, Good Plates Eatery operates a single location in Clifton and plans to expand by partnering with a bar called The Park. This location will also offer a food window service in the summer. The Clifton location’s success fluctuates with the academic calendar, seeing the college crowd during the school year, and adjusting to other seasonal changes.

Every New Restaurant Has Its Challenges...

Opening a restaurant comes with plenty of challenges. Good Plates Eatery initially had a plan to run late-night food alongside their main operations; But alas, the founders, with a background in the industry, received significant support from family and industry acquaintances leading to more success than imagined.

Working alongside his wife, the founder’s background in the restaurant industry and his family’s collaborative efforts shine through in their operations. Recipes are a joint effort between him and his brother, using locally sourced ingredients. Despite the founder’s Cincinnati roots, the family plans to involve their children in the business as they grow older. The entire restaurant opening was a family effort, adding a more personal feel to both the environment and the meals you’re receiving. The Schlanser family gets a gold star for really building on the family restaurant name. As we’ve seen, their family name really adds a warm touch and sweet backstory to this eatery.

Pictures of Good Plates Eatery

Good Plates beautiful interior designed by Andrew and Jamie themselves, adding a feel of artistic modernism that’s personable, located at 235 W McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH 45219

How Does Good Plates Eatery leverage technology For their Business?

Daily Operations

Good Plates Eatery relies on several tech tools to ensure smooth operations. They use tablets for online orders and a Square POSM tablet for handling requests through their website. The Square POSM system used has allowed them to integrate multiple data streams into one. Additionally, they utilize a Red Card referral system to manage per diem transactions for UC athletes, enhancing their service capabilities for their student facing customer base.

Related to inventory management and employee scheduling, Good Plates Eatery uses a mix of manual processes and apps. The Homebase app’s free version is used for scheduling their team of talented cooks and staff. They handle inventory management manually. Furthermore, utilizing tools provided by US Foods and MEEZ has allowed for future expansions and back room insights, particularly for recipe cost analysis and more sophisticated inventory tracking.


Financial and Accounting Technology

The restaurant leverages QuickBooks for payroll and accounting, with daily sales imported directly from the Square system. This integration simplifies financial management and ensures accurate record-keeping. 

Marketing and Customer Engagement

Good Plates Eatery’s marketing strategy is organically driven, with a strong focus on social media. The founder’s wife, who has a keen interest in photography, manages their social media presence. Their Instagram account plays a crucial role in driving traffic and engaging with the community. Despite lacking formal SEO strategies, their visually appealing posts and community-focused initiatives, such as free meal distributions during holidays, have helped build a loyal customer base. The Good Plates website, designed on Squarespace, is primarily used for updating menus and providing contact information.

Although paid advertising is not a main focus for Good Plates, their efforts in community engagement and organic social media growth have been proven to be greatly effective. Along with social media, the rise of food delivery apps and online ordering has positively impacted Good Plates Eatery. These platforms offer new ways to show people online what they can offer. However, Mr. Schlanser prefers to serve people face-to-face so they can really get a feel for the environment they’ve worked to create. Furthermore, they find the commission fees high, but the volume of orders justifies the use of these platforms. They strive to reward returning customers, maintaining a balance between new and repeat clientele.

Future Plans


Looking ahead, Good Plates Eatery plans to open a new location at The Banks. This location will incorporate advanced technology like tablets for direct ordering. This will reduce the need for servers and enhance the customer experience. The founder envisions developing an all-encompassing app and has already begun sharing insights on this exciting venture. This app will integrate ordering, scheduling, and inventory management. This build out will further streamline operations and boost efficiency within the Good Plates business.

Advice to Those Who Are Looking to Open their own Business

The founder advises other restaurant owners to embrace technology to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. He also suggests preparing for growth. Good Plates Eatery’s journey underscores the importance of resilience, innovation, and community connection in building a successful restaurant.

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A Message From DevDefy

Good Plates Eatery shows how a small business can face challenges and succeed through creativity, family support, and community involvement. Their focus on offering healthy, tasty meals in a friendly setting makes them stand out. Moreover, as they grow, Good Plates Eatery continues to be a model of strength and quality in Cincinnati’s dining scene. Visit them in Clifton or at their upcoming new location at The Banks to enjoy their special mix of quality, innovation, and warm service! 

At DevDefy, we value showing support to the local businesses that keep Cincinnati thriving, especially ones with a heartwarming story like Good Plates. To view more small businesses that we recommend, we invite you to read our article which touches on our partnerships with inspiring purpose and other small businesses supporting each other around our amazing city of Cincinnati!