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Explore the diverse array of gatherings we host and partner with. From community cleanups to restoration projects, we’re committed to making a positive impact, blending our passion for technology with our dedication to environmental sustainability and community welfare. 

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Whether participating in tech conferences, community events, or environmental initiatives, we’re actively involved in engagements that resonate with our values of innovation, community betterment, and environmental stewardship.

July 2024
05:30 pm-08:00 pm
1311 Vine Street, Cincinnati
August 2024
05:30 pm-08:00 pm
1311 Vine Street, Cincinnati


DevDefy+Engage is our innovative platform designed to weave a strong bond between our company, our employees, and the wider community. It’s a multifaceted program dedicated to uniting people through community-driven events, environmental clean-up initiatives, and educational workshops. Our goal is to harness the power of collective engagement to not only beautify and preserve our local spaces but also to foster a spirit of learning and sharing. Through Engage, we invite everyone to come together, share experiences, and impart knowledge, creating a ripple effect of positive change that echoes our commitment to the planet. DevDefy+Engage is a testament to our belief that when a company roots itself in the community and its employees lead by example, the impact can extend far beyond the boundaries of business, nurturing a legacy of environmental stewardship and communal harmony.

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