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Load Secure

As one of our proudest clients, Load Secure is SaaS platform that is transforming the logistics industry by offering drivers and shipment providers an easier, more efficient way to manage load transparency. The Load Secure application harnesses cutting-edge automation technologies to facilitate seamless tracking and ensure robust, transparent communication between carriers and logistic leaders. It features a meticulously designed security architecture that protects both load information and personal data. The integrated suite includes a sophisticated digital documentation tool with QR verification scanning, which secures and streamlines paperwork processes, reducing the risk of mishandling. For carriers and drivers, the app provides real-time arrival and delay estimates to enhance docking operations and includes tailored messaging and POI routing for driver support.

Additionally, third party integration capabilities have granted vast opportunities for external platforms to sync with and receive updates from the platform, live.


Videhope, the cutting-edge social media platform that revolutionizes the way you connect, share, and engage with others. Unleash your creativity and express yourself through videos, posts, and captivating content. Engage in meaningful conversations with comments, tags, and private messaging, fostering connections and building relationships. Showcase your talents, skills, or services and grow a dedicated following. Utilize the platform’s robust analytics to track your content’s performance and audience engagement. Videhope empowers you to monetize your passions, offering services and subscription points for others to support or book you, fulfilling your talents to others.


GoalBate, the soccer app designed for fans to follow athletes, connect with like-minded enthusiasts, and engage in lively debates and discussions. Stay up-to-date with your favorite athletes, tracking their achievements and progress on and off the field. Connect with fellow soccer aficionados, sharing insights and opinions through debates and discussions on trending topics. GoalBate provides a platform to express your thoughts, engage in friendly banter, and build a community of passionate fans. Whether it’s analyzing match performances or predicting game outcomes, GoalBate brings fans together in an interactive and engaging soccer-centric environment.

Telly College

Telly College, the ideal college app for event planning, scheduling, booking, and connecting with friends on campus. Seamlessly organize a variety of events, from study groups to parties, while staying connected with your college community. With Telly College, you can effortlessly manage event details, invite participants, and enjoy a unique voting feature to influence the campus social scene. Discover exciting events happening around you, vote for your favorites, and make lasting connections. 



Inv, the immersive virtual reality app that takes your shopping experience to a whole new level. Step into a virtual world where you can try on designer glasses, watches, jewelry, and more, all from the comfort of your own home. InV allows you to browse and explore a wide range of products, effortlessly visualizing how they look on you before making a purchase. Dive into virtual shops and explore their stunning collections, experiencing the thrill of shopping in a whole new dimension. Seamlessly order and purchase items, bringing the world of high-end fashion and accessories right to your fingertips. 


The Nighttime Sleep Doctor of Snoring

A revolutionary app that utilizes advanced audio recognition algorithms and sensor technology to monitor and analyze your nighttime snoring patterns. With precise detection and recording of key metrics such as intensity, duration, and frequency, SnoreStop provides comprehensive analytics on your snoring episodes. Seamlessly integrating with sleep tracking devices, this cutting-edge app generates detailed reports, empowering you with data-driven insights to discuss with sleep doctors. 

Our Work SnoreStop App by DevDefy
Our Work Sports Event App by DevDefy


Your Go-To Sports Event Companion. 

Participate effortlessly in running, cycling, mountain biking, and orienteering events. Discover, register, and navigate with ease. Real-time route tracking, flexible timing options, and convenient payment methods. Organizers can create and manage events hassle-free. Elevate your sports experience with SportsEvent’s all-in-one app.  


Revolutionize Team Communication and Alerting.

Effortlessly streamline team coordination with TeamConnect. This powerful app simplifies communication by seamlessly scheduling calls, meetings, and events, all while delivering synchronized reminders across your devices. Stay in control of your hectic schedule with convenient notifications and intuitive reminders that keep you on track. Never miss a vital call or overlook an important team meeting again. Embrace the future of team collaboration and efficiency. 

Our work for TeamConnect
Our work with circle8fitness


The Ultimate Interval-Based Workout App. 

Get ready to experience the power of Circle8fitness, the gym that takes your fitness journey to the next level. Our cutting-edge workouts combine Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Boxing moves with dynamic floor and equipment drills. Achieve optimal results with our interval-based training programs designed to boost endurance, strength, and overall fitness.

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